Universal Beeswax

Universal Beeswax

Wax for furniture care, wall panelling, parquets, planks of wood. Nourishes wood fibres, emphasizes the pattern of tree rings, brings out the natural beauty. Based on natural beeswax. Anti-skid. Leaves fresh scent.

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Product code: 558/302/300/01
300 ml

Instructions of use:

Profiled and textured wood – please apply the wax with a soft brush, to prevent accumulation of the product in hollows. Apply at room temperature. 1. Apply on clean and dry wood only, using soft cloth. 2. Rub in evenly to get a homogenous, moist coat. 3. Leave to dry. 4. Polish with energetic moves with use of woolen cloth or soft natural hair brush. In case of color products always test the product first, before applying.